I am fascinated by physical and mental dualities. A significant part of human existence and experience is a composite of dualities such as matter / spirit, mind / body, need / desire, good / evil, beauty / ugliness, joy / tragedy.

In particular I am interested in states of melancholy and uncertainty that issue from these dualities and tensions and the contradictions and paradoxes inherent in them.

To put it in the negative, I am not interested in the political and ideological. Rather, I am interested in “. . . meaning and necessity”.

Human psychic vexations are often related to the deeply imbedded motif of lack and desire theorized, for example, in the work of Jacques Lacan. In Neo-Freudian terms, Lacan suggests that human fantasies are symbolic representations of a desire for wholeness. My work explores the psychological conditions and physical boundaries promoted by the tension between apparent but temporal fulfillment of human lack. These temporary fulfillments result in ironic reversals and setbacks that often yield yet other, albeit altered, conditions of desire.

Few elements of my work are preconceived. Each piece is an independent effort to explore or discover something about what I believe, or know, or want to know. The work is a composite, a distillation of forces and ideas in me as they take form in the materials I choose.

My most recent works reflect my interest in the psychic movement from the loud and often chaotic imagery that engulfs us to the quiet of rumination and questioning. I am interested in minimal visual forms. They can often redeem the mundane and the unnoticed around us every day. They have metaphoric potency for me. Before we grasp the need for justice, beauty and love—before there is social justice—there exists an inner, shared and universal requirement for it. These works reflect a mental movement that produces the inner grounding for needed decision, choice and action in real life.

Visible form is to visual art what sound is to music. Where sound has the power to reveal and loosen unthought, unfelt sensibilities to the individual soul, visible forms perform similarly. Especially for those who find themselves fascinated by the peculiar voice and language of lyrical abstract form.